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Newsletter N°6/2008 - ProPak Asia 2008

In the heart of the Asian market

The 16th edition of the international exhibition "ProPak Asia 2008", held in Bangkok from 11 to 14 June, was able to meet the growing demands of a market in continuous evolution, with great interest in the recent innovations of the packaging industry.

Newsletter N°6/2008 - ProPak Asia 2008

The Asian market aims at top quality production and cooperates with the world leaders of the packaging sector, offering the best technical solutions in order to achieve high outputs, with reduced energy consumption.

With more than 600 packaging machines installed in Asia and in Oceania (more than 70 in the Asian south-eastern region), SMIGroup has almost become a reference for the protagonists of the "Food and Beverage" sector.

Intelligent solutions for end-line

The SMIGroup booth was visited by hundreds of people, who showed great interest in the new LSK35F shrinkwrapper.

Thanks to the operating flexibility, the user-friendly technology and the cost-effective solutions, the LSK series can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Newsletter N°6/2008 - ProPak Asia 2008

Ideal for the packaging of beverage, food and non-food products, the SMI shrinkwrappers can offer several types of pack collations and pack sizes: only film, pad+film and tray+film. Therefore, they can meet the final user's requirements, both from a logistic and from a promotional point of view, thanks to the eye-catching packs which draw the customer's attention.

Technical innovations in the blowing of PET containers

SMIGroup has recently launched the new generation of rotary stretch-blow molders, offering a series of important innovations:

- new preforms heating module (oven), with the preforms mandrels pitch reduced to 40mm; thanks to the new oven the machine output is increased by 20%, as compared to the previous models;

- new electrical panel, totally integrated in the blow-molder frame, thus eliminating the need of connection cables between the machine and the electrical panel and reducing the machine overall dimensions.

Newsletter N°6/2008 - ProPak Asia 2008

Closer and closer to the customer

With more than 3800 packers and blow-molders installed all over the world, SMIGroup is considered as a world leader in the packaging sector.

In a market in continuous evolution, SMIGroup has spread its presence in the most important Asian Countries, with branches in Thailand, China and Australia.

Marketing Dept.
SMI S.p.A.
E-mail: info@smigroup.it