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Newsletter N°1/2009 -Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

SMIGroup promotes the economic development through the values of social equity and environmental respect: values that are part of a corporate programme in continuous evolution based on the 10 Principles of the "UN Global Compact".

Social responsibility through the "Global Compact"

SMIGroup's  companies embrace, support and promote the 10 Principles of the "United Nations Global Compact", voluntary initiative of social responsibility by over 5,000 businesses all over the world for the:

- Defence of human rights
- Respect of labour standards & rights at works 
- Protection of the environment
- Fight against corruption

The 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact are universally recognized and protected as derived from the following Declarations:
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
- Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
- United Nations Convention against Corruption

Newsletter N°1/2009 -Corporate social responsibility

SMIGroup: social solidarity and support to the local community

Furthermore SMIGroup is active in the social sphere, through a constant participation to no-profit solidarity initiatives. As a confirmation of this strong sensibility, SMIGroup has been supporting for many years some local associations deserving attention:

- "Pollicino Onlus" Association, that takes care of the welfare of disabled children, boys and adults dwelling in the Brembana Valley and offers free assistance to their families.

- "Non solo sogni Onlus" Association, that helps elderly and disabled people.

Newsletter N°1/2009 -Corporate social responsibility

In an economic context where competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, SMIGroup has maintained its own principles and values:  work ethics, social solidarity, sustainable growth, environment care, safeguard of human rights.

If you, too, embrace SMIGroup's ethical values and would like to contribute to the social solidarity initiatives we support, please feel free to contact our offices.

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