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Cut down on your costs with SMI lines

Cut down on your costs with SMI lines

SMI offers complete bottling & packaging lines featuring innovative technical solutions that reduce manufacturing costs, increase energy savings and streamline the efficiency of the plant.

SMI cutting-edge machines for the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging are designed and manufactured according to the new ERGON conceptual platform, where ergonomics and advanced machines integration enable to offer cost-saving bottling lines made up of only 2 compact systems:

  • ECOBLOC® system, gathering stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping (on request also labelling) for primary packaging ("wet packaging");
  • PACKBLOC system, combining an automatic packer and a two-Cartesian-axis automatic palletization system for both the secondary and end-of-line packaging ("dry packaging").

If compared to traditional bottling plants made up of more "stand-alone" machines, the cost-saving compact lines proposed by SMI ensure:

  • lower initial investment and space reduction: the two highly-integrated compact systems allow the reduction of conveyor belts connecting the machines;
  • lower personnel costs: a cost-saving line can be run and controlled by a reduced number of operators (in particular cases by one operator only);
  • fewer interventions of machine maintenance and cleaning and lower consumption of spare parts: the two compact multi-functional units simplify these operational aspects;
  • energy costs cutting: only high-efficiency and low consumption motors are used.

For further information about SMI's cost-saving compact lines please contact our sales department at +39 0345 40111 or write an e-mail at info@smigroup.it.

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