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CSK ERGON: new compact and versatile packaging machines

CSK ERGON: new compact and versatile packaging machines

As always, at the forefront of packaging innovation, SMI has created the new CSK ERGON series of shrink-film packaging machines. With a capacity to pack a wide range of containers in an economic and competitive way, this new compact and ergonomically designed series has several models utilising the latest technology available. With output speeds of up to 50 ppm (depending on product size & format), this new series offers various pack formats including: shrink-film only, pad + shrink-film and tray + shrink-film (According to model selected).

The launch of the first model, the CSK50F ERGON, will be at the PPMA Total show in Birmingham from the 27 - 29 of September, the machine on display will be packing PET 0.5L bottles in a 4x3 film only format.

Ergonomic, energy efficient and easy to use ...

The new CSK ERGON incorporates innovation and the latest technology:

  • A compact structure and ergonomic design simplifies general operations such as cleaning and machine maintenance and ensures space saving within the packaging line;
  • The new ICOS motors are supported by an integrated digital servo drive; this is an innovative solution which simplifies the machine wiring, guaranteeing energy efficiency, reduced noise and less wear on machine parts. Thanks to the integrated drivers the electrical panel produces less heat and a panel cooler is only necessary if the ambient temperature is +40° C;
  • For operator convenience the Posyc HMI control panel slides the full length of the machine, the tactile screen is user-friendly with advanced diagnostic functions offering live remote support;
  • Machine guards have a curved design to enable the external mounting of the motors to the mechanical groups, facilitating easy access for maintenance interventions;
  • The compact knife unit design is managed by a direct-drive brushless motor, this refines the accuracy during the film cutting and simplifies the maintenance operations.

For further information on the new CSK ERGON range, please contact our sales office or visit our website www.smigroup.it

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