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Interpack 2017: find out SMI innovations for Industry 4.0

Interpack 2017: find out SMI innovations for Industry 4.0

Come to the stand 14D12

Find out SMI innovations designed for Industry 4.0

Duesseldorf's international exhibition represents a unique opportunity to find out the latest technological solutions for packaging and other related processes.

Since 30 years SMI has been proposing innovative, efficient, flexible and ergonomic solutions for the bottling and packaging processes which are increasingly inspired by the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT).

At Interpack 2017 SMI is exhibiting in world preview the new fully electronic, compact rotary stretch-blow moulder EBS K ERGON in ECOBLOC® configuration with a volumetric filler.

The new EBS K ERGON series is available with 2, 3 and 4 cavities and allows the user to benefit from all advantages of the rotary technology in a range of outputs (from 3-4,000 up to 8-9,000 bottles/hour) usually served by linear blowers.

The new EBS K ERGON stands out for the following advantages:

  • compact machine, composed by a single module: the preform-heating oven is integrated into the  stretch-blow moulding wheel;
  • optimized system of oven's ventilation and aeration;
  • high energy efficiency: the groups of IR ray lamps for preforms heating are equipped with a system of thermo-reflecting panels made of composite material, which ensures a uniform distribution of the heat over the preform with lower energy consumption;
  • ergonomic structure: the slightly rounded shape of the safety doors permits to have more space inside the machine, improving its accessibility;
  • top precision and wide flexibility of the blow-moulding process: blow-moulding stations are equipped with motorized stretching rods, whose functioning, controlled by electronic servo-drivers, does not require mechanical cams;
  • mould opening/ closing/ block system: operated by a brushless motor;
  • reduced pre-blowing and blowing times: thanks to high performance and low dead volume valves;
  • simple and fast format changeover operations: the whole process is run by the MotorNet System® automation and control platform, which automatically adjusts the machine's working parameters when shifting from a production type to another.

In the ECOBLOC® version, in combination with a filling and capping module, the new EBS K ERGON ensures the following advantages:

  • optimal performances with reduced costs in the processes of manufacturing, filling and capping of containers up to 3 L, as this configuration does not need a rinser and belt conveyors between the blow-moulder and the filler;
  • precise and fast system of filling and capping: thanks to electronically driven operations and to highly efficient valves controlled by flowmeters;
  • reduced time to get the machine ready for cleaning operations, thanks to the use of dummy bottles integrated into the filling valves;
  • new design with modular frame, without welding, equipped with very resistant and long-lasting safety doors, made of tempered glass.

At the stand 14D12 you will also find the latest technological solutions, designed by SMI, for end-of-line secondary packaging.

To get further information on SMI products, visit us at Interpack 2017 or get in touch with our sales office.

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